Sometimes, things are not what they appear to be … and a visceral assessment can be terribly wrong—especially in the absence of compelling evidence.

That’s why making decisions based on intuition or impression alone—no matter how experienced the decision makers—will too often lead to unwanted outcomes, including some that have a long-lasting, damaging impact.

The success of a contemporary football organisation hinges upon thoughtful and analysis-supported decisions—and to have the convictions to act on this insight, i.e., to (1) keep a player on (possibly extending his current contract), (2) trade or transfer list a player, and (3) decide if it is time to bring in reinforcements—and which specific players will fit its needs most effectively.

Analysing football player and team performance is what Enlighten does. It is what we are passionate about. It’s the only analytics we do.

Enlighten Sports Analytics™ is dedicated to refining the assessment of football player and team performance using modern analytical methods. Our goal is to go beyond the presentation of performance statistics.

We also want to understand and convey—in highly visualisable terms—the underlying reasons that explain why two footballers perform at different levels of play … beyond the obvious. We do not focus on “magical” short term predictions but, rather, strive to uncover those characteristics that define and contrast top-level skills from the average: those special features that carry value from one season to the next.

Both quantitative and qualitative measures—as demanded by the unique characteristics of each setting—are used. No two organisations are assumed to have the same perspective of “quality” and will likely place quite different priorities on even a common set of performance measures. There is no “one size fits all” model: the analysis must be collaboratively developed working with the unique values and goals of the organisation.

Enlighten Sports Analytics™ also feels that measures that extend beyond the pitch are also important in assessing player value. It is no longer unusual—in fact, it is essential—to consider and include a footballer’s injury history (frequency, severity, type), discipline record, versatility, and financial requirements in our assessments.

Enlighten Sports Analytics™ works with organisations to develop, in concert, a cohesive evaluation model for assessing player and team performance that can be used to compare any combination of players over specific competitions or the entire season of play. Even multi-season analyses can be generated to examine the resiliency or the subtle decline of player’s performance over time—including patterns that occur during each 15-minute game segment.

Our analyses provide a level of understanding that promotes an organisation’s ability to make honest and accurate assessments of the current talent pool—both within and outside the club—so that the thoughtfully weighed decisions needed to support a continual process of improvement are in place.

—Joel Oberstone, Principal

    Enlighten Sports Analytics™